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Boston Expands Lawsuit Against Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is sueing the Massachusetts Gaming Commission over their decision to award a license to a Wynn casino task in Everett.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is unhappy in regards to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s decision to award a casino to Wynn Resorts in Everett.

On Wednesday, that displeasure ended up being expressed through an expanded form of the lawsuit the city had already filed against the state gaming commission, one that accuses the board of violating Massachusetts’ casino legislation and the commission’s own guidelines on just how to award licenses to prospective casino operators.

Based on a written report by Andrea Estes regarding the Boston world, the new lawsuit claims that the commission broke rules on several occasions in an endeavor to ensure that the Wynn project would be opted for over a Mohegan Sun-backed proposal at Suffolk Downs in Revere.

The town of Boston might have gotten $18 million per year through the Suffolk Downs casino as a result of an contract negotiated between your town and the designers of that resort.

However, no such deal was made between the town and Wynn Resorts, meaning that the video gaming commission’s decision to supply the license to the Everett casino may have cost the city significant revenue.

Boston Alleges 16 Prohibited Actions

The brand new version of the complaint is similar to the lawsuit that is original by the city of Boston back in Continue reading

Gambling Lawsuit Dismissed Against American Pharoah Owner

American Pharoah owner Ahmed Zayat was relieved to possess a lawsuit over gambling debts dismissed in federal court.

American Pharoah will run for horse race’s first Triple Crown in 37 years on Saturday, and their owner will have the ability to enjoy it minus the fear of a major lawsuit hanging over the proceedings.

A federal judge dismissed a $1.65 million gambling lawsuit against Ahmed Zayat, one that accused him of having run up those debts by betting on sports with an overseas casino.

Zayat said that the lawsuit, brought by Howard Rubinsky, ended up being ‘a fraud.’

‘It’s total fiction,’ Zayat stated. ‘It’s a total lie. It is a full case of blackmail with a criminal.’

Statute of Limitations Exceeded

Those comments landed Zayat with a libel suit on top of this gambling claim. But it appears as though Zayat was ultimately vindicated.

According to United States District Judge William J. Martini, Rubinsky’s claim dated back in to 2005, when he first hired an attorney and investigator in an effort to recover the debt. That designed that the lawsuit fell outside the six-year statute of limitations for the case in nj-new jersey.

Rubinsky had hoped that Martini would rule that the instance had originated from 2008, when Rubinsky said he’d received texts from Zayat promising to settle the cash he owed.

However, Martini ruled that it absolutely was clear in those text messages that Zayat was saying that he didn’t owe anythi Continue reading

Brockton Voters Narrowly Approve Casino Plan

Brockton voters approved a proposed casino development, but only by an extremely narrow margin.

Casinos only need a small edge over their players in order to score a winnings within the long haul. Backers of a proposed resort in Brockton, Massachusetts are hoping that exactly the same could be said for casino referendums.

Voters in Brockton narrowly authorized a plan to bring a $650 million resort to the Brockton Fairgrounds, passing the measure in what could be the closest referendum that is such the state so far.

According to reports after the initial counting of votes, ‘yes’ won by just 143 votes out of more than 14,000 cast, or perhaps over one percent.

That gap increased marginally after provisional and other ballots had been counted on Wednesday, giving supporters a 148-vote margin.

While the totals are not yet formal, a recount is unlikely, and also less likely to change the outcome: while the raw numbers are close, an one-percent shift because of a recount could be extraordinarily unusual, specially given the city’s utilization of electronic voting devices.

Final Casino License Up for Grabs

The victory enables developers to compete for the casino that is final in Massachusetts, one reserved for the southeastern portion regarding the state.

Nonetheless, with local support being among the factors being taken into consideration by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, opponents associated with the casino plan are hoping tha Continue reading