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Utilization of lubricants with rectal intercourse could increase danger of HIV

The possibility of acquiring HIV through unprotected anal intercourse are at minimum 20 times greater than with unprotected genital sex and increases if other infections seem to be present in the lining that is rectal. Could the usage of lubricants — at the least specific sorts — be another danger element among women and men whom participate in receptive rectal intercourse? Two studies presented during the Overseas Microbicides Conference in Pittsburgh, recommend the solution is yes.

In a single research involving almost 900 both women and men in Baltimore and Los Angeles

The researchers unearthed that people who utilized lubricants had been 3 x almost certainly going to have rectal sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Another research that subjected popular over-the-counter and mail-order lubricants to rigorous laboratory tests found that many of the items had been toxic to cells and rectal muscle. These products have the same effect, the cells might be rendered more vulnerable targets for HIV infection than they already are if in humans.

In the usa alone, receptive rectal intercourse is practiced in as much as 90 % of gay as well as other males who possess intercourse with guys, based on International Rectal Microbicides Advocates. More over, the training just isn’t limited by males. U.S. Quotes and studies in the uk suggest between 10 to 35 % of heterosexual ladies have actually engaged in rectal intercourse at least one time. Globally, quotes recommend 5 to 10 % of intimately active ladies are having rectal intercourse. While condoms are often effective for avoiding HIV as well as other STIs, many functions of anal intercourse get unprotected. Continue reading