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just What do one of the keys trends in 2020 inform us in regards to the future of dating?

We might be post-ghosting, however now there is a complete set that is new of styles to navigate. From ‘being Kanye’d’ and zoning in from the zodiac, to ‘yellow carding’ times by calling out BS, Olivia Foster reveals the way the landscape is moving

Everyone knows the stats: there’s currently more people that are single the entire world than in the past. This means more individuals dating, more folks logging on to apps, and much more people searching for love into the 21 century that is st.

While 2019 purchased us dogfishing someone that is(using pup in your photos to get you to look precious) and orbiting (where an ex lurks around your Insta story views, but never ever actually speaks for you), 2020 has it is own group of game-changing trends to consider. Continue reading