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Christopher Rice reveals the trick to composing good, homointercourseual sex scene in fiction

What’s it like being Anne Rice’s son? ended up being the family members mansion in brand brand New Orleans shrouded in darkness? Did spiders wander the dinner dining dining table? Had been bloodstream a typical replacement for wine? Um, no.

“I think many people are disarmed with just how sunny her disposition could be,” said Anne’s son, Christopher Rice, best-selling writer and something of People‘s Sexiest Men Alive.

He proceeded, “We do originate from a long tradition of irish Catholic tale tellers who can discover a way whenever they’re seated across the dining room table the culprit every general due to their very own death. ‘If Uncle Johnny hadn’t gone for the stroll, he’dn’t have slipped and dropped on that hambone and passed away.’”

He calls it “a dark story telling tradition,” and Christopher is certainly after within the household footsteps utilizing the current launch of their thriller novel, The Vines, which happens, needless to say, outside brand brand brand New Orleans on a vintage plantation where in actuality the flowers simply occur to, you understand, kill individuals.

4 Classic horror stories that could keep you awake at night

Growing up, both their moms and dads had been authors: their mom, Anne, the well-known creator for the Vampire Chronicles, along with his dad, Stan, a poet. He claims he didn’t recognize until much later how blessed he had been to possess two designers inside your home. He stated, “You meet more and more people whom spent my youth in an environment where in fact the concept of being a journalist for a lifetime career ended up being dismissed or addressed just as if it had been a prospective pastime, perhaps not a prospective livelihood.”

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