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Miguel is Videl’s loving mom and Mr. Satan’s belated spouse, she actually is mentioned in Deities, Devils, and Doing the Dirty by Mark himself while he calls her “his hot asian wife”.

She’s never ever observed in the manga or anime, and is deceased, according to your Daizenshuu.

Appearance Edit

Miguel bears striking rememblance to her child, Videl: they both have actually blue eyes, pale epidermis skin, and (previously short locks as soon as she had been a teen before she became an attractive singer) very long right black hair reaching to her sides.

She had an attractive, slender, slim figure and a stylish, angelic look being exactly the same height and fat as her child.

Miguel share her hairstyle together with her child, Videl, but hers ended up being initially quick (central center component or side bangs front side), and expanded long reaching down her sides, before she married Mr. Satan along with young ones.

She wore a white gown that reached her top knees, black colored tights, and white loafers with an extended braided ponytail and gold hair videos before her daughter wore them as an adolescent. Continue reading