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A Dissolute Life Means…

Here’s the long post that is overdue The Neighbor.

The time that is first fucked I happened to be drunk. After which thrilled at just how good he had been in the bed room.

The time that is second fucked I became less drunk. And much more delighted at exactly just how good he had been between my legs.

The next through 13th times we’ve fucked I’ve been sober in the most common and increasingly ecstatic only at that man’s innate abilities in sleep. He’s brief and fuzzy, muscled and pale, sweet-faced and heavy-handed, mid-western naive and devilishly horny. He’s my secret fan whom lives next door. I’m their 7th partner ever. I do believe he may be my 47th (57th?).

He wants to take a place where he could be much taller than me personally, whenever, in truth, he’s just 5’8? or 9?. I am caught by him in a seat, on the ground, in the settee. He loves to lean over me and appear into my eyes and grin such as a Cheshire cat. Continue reading