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Some Helpful Things If Only I Experienced Known About Lesbian Relationships, Once I Ended Up Being A Child Lez

Simply because you’re dating a lady, does not imply that she actually isn’t a misogynistic horror show.

Once I had been however a meek college woman, we had been thinking i might do not have to handle sexism within my lesbian relationships. We thought that misogynistic behavior had been reserved when it comes to boys that are straight.

Exactly Just Just How incorrect had been we! As being a self-identified “mascara lesbian” who is very, very

I’ve had to cope with sexist lesbian monsters more times than We worry to count, on all ten of my PINK nail-polish-adorned fingertips.

“This is my gf. She’s a lot smarter me to her butchy friends than she looks,” an ex once snickered when introducing. Pardon me? Does cherry red lipstick make a woman look stupid?

Alas, babe. There are that toxic masculinity can be so fervent it bleeds to the queer community. Masculinity is observed as severe and smart, and femininity is observed as vapid and helpless. Nonetheless, simply because these archaic criteria occur, does not suggest we must play by their rules that are archaic. So femmes, pay attention. I’d like you to help keep putting on your and sky-high heels. I’d like you to bring your sky-high heel and kick any lesbian who dares to undermine you for the tough femininity. Continue reading