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Am I able to trust my spouse to not have intercourse with him?

Mark asks:

Been married to my spouse for two decades, she’s slim really appealing and it has a body that is great we’ve a good sex-life and both enjoy dental. In the office Mandy is quite well-liked by both male and work that is female. She decided to go to her works Xmas party in 2012 got extremely drunk and flirted with a work that is male danced and got quite close, he agreed to drop her house following the celebration, they stopped in route house as well as in her terms they got a little touchy but she had been too drunk to fall asleep with him. She explained a few days later on but said she regretted it but stated sexual intercourse would not happen. And we also managed to move on then in February she started initially to let me know about a guy called tony in the office whom she was friendly with ended up being having marriage issues she stated he’d no real friends and discovered it quite simple to speak to her. She asked her having a male friend I didn’t see this as a problem and she continued to talk with him if I minded. Later on that month she had been due to head out along with her work buddies and tony had been one of these he wanted to pick her up and drop her house that he suggested they stop somewhere quite on the way home but she turned him down after I trust my wife and said it would be fine, that night he picked her up and out they went, Mandy got home about 2am drunk I asked her how her night went she said she had a good time but tony was boring just talking about his problems she told me. Continue reading