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Chapter 9: Trayvon — Intercourse, adore, and Like in Prison7

Dudes whom played “The Game” were constantly searching for a possible fresh little bit of hot meat moving away from the bus at their jail. Whenever that fresh hot child arrived during the dorm there was clearly constantly some guy here to begin flirting with him, telling him just how fucked up these were about this child and hoping to get in their jeans. Among the very first things they had to provide that kid ended up being “protection. ” “Ain’t nobody gonna fuck around Babe with you while i’m. You’ll need such a thing? I’ll take care from it. ” etc. Etc.

There was, but, constantly a specific cost to be covered all this work attention & security. In the course of time that hot boy’s new lover is gonna ask for many favors: “Hang onta this toochie during the shakedown for me, Baby” — or — “Stick this cell phone up your butt so the po-lice don’t find it. Ya understand I’ll ensure it is suitable for ya Baby … “ etc. Etc. Once that hot child offers directly into this, he’s owned.

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