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Interested in russian spouse. Just exactly exactly How may I gain access to see my kids, could they be permitted to see United States Of America for vacations?

I will be seeking to get divorced from my spouse, this woman is Russian and it is presently located in St Petersburg, and it has been for 4-5 years, we’ve 2 kiddies 3 and 6 also who reside along with her.

The difficulty happens to be I borrowed in United States, so have an outstanding mortgage which needs to be settled, but she refuses to sell any property in Russia that we have a business and flats all purchased in St Petersburg using money.

We now have 2 flats and 1 visitor household company, she lives in 1 apartment and gets lease through the other apartment each of them been purchased and refurbished utilizing cash from U.S., although 1 apartment had been initially something special from her mom but was offered and renovated after which offered once again and a different one purchased and again money from brand New York delivered to renovate, and so I would hope i’ve some claim over this home additionally. Continue reading