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The way I paid down $162,203 in scholar Loan Debt in 7 Years

My journey to paying down $162,203.17 in education loan financial obligation in 7 years happens to be quite a trip. Below is an artistic associated with debt payment by 12 months.

Since it is stated, “Rome wasn’t integrated a day. ” This process wasn’t jump started until we encountered a dramatic mind-set modification that way of the protagonist in a film. Here’s the synopsis.

Enter Protagonist

Being a brand new grad nurse in 2012, my focus would be to pass the NCLEX, begin my job, and live life how we thought grownups had been designed to.

“You do not have guy, no worth that is net however you have integrity. ” -Awkwafina, Crazy Deep Asians.

I had $180,000 in education loan financial obligation, a hundred or so bucks in cost savings, and a stability to my bank card. My web worth had been roughly around $182,000. Calculate your web worth applying this worksheet right here.

Getting my life that is financial togethern’t contained in my concept of “adulting. ” Heading out and experiencing brand new things had been at the top my priorities.

We invested cash like I’d it, paying down just $40,000 in the 1st 4 years. Learn about exactly just how much FOMO are priced at me right right right here. The total amount I invested in FOMO tickets alone, $3,489, just might have covered not even half of this interest I paid to student loan financial obligation every year.

We stored just a little occasionally, but because We implemented no spending plan and sometimes utilized my charge card, We constantly dipped into that family savings. Much like my dog Leo whom struggles every right time he chases their tail.

Enter Antagonist: Education Loan Debt

“Oh you graduated? ” – Sallie Mae, preparing to hit you by having a bill whenever that 6 grace period ends month.

Each month we took from my bank checking account $1,536.15 to pay my loans. Continue reading