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11. The Kiss in the pouring rain

How exactly to pull it well: The Notebook, Spider-man, A Cinderella Story, can it be a good good film if it doesn’t consist of a kiss in the torrential rain? This kiss depends on the normal elements, but like you’re the most romantic couple of all time, step out into the rain and get into some serious lip-locking if you want to feel.

Why you’ll like it: absolutely Nothing gets sexier than this kiss. You’ll be pressing to your partner’s body that is rain-soaked securing within their damp lips. As soon as can be so intimate that it’ll seem like you’re featuring in your film.

12. The Cutesy Kiss

Just how to pull it well: the many innocent of the many kisses and it is probably since it’s really not a “real” kiss. There’s no lip action in this 1. This kiss, simply rub your nose against your partner’s to give someone. Continue reading