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aunts legs. I suppose I’d grown kind of drawn to women’s legs at an age that is young.

My mother had a complete great deal of buddies who does stay around and play cards and beverage and such. Almost every week-end there is a gathering of females that would stay, eliminate their shoes and take in and play cards. We utilized to love sitting on the ground beneath the dining table and play utilizing the womens legs. They just maintained playing cards like nothing had been taking place.

My aunt lived when you look at the town. She had been a shaker and mover, or more mom will say about her. She hurt her back and arrived to keep with us until she improved. When she got hurt she slowed up a bit though. It absolutely was my work to simply just just take her supper up through the night. We became close friends as she was bed ridden with her back injury.

Mother often went up to a lady friends house to try out cards. Using one such event we had been upstairs within my aunts space watching television together with her. She was just covered having a sheet and her ankles had been protruding. We sat in the end for the sleep as always in order to be near to her pretty legs. Continue reading