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Berkeley Graduate Class of Journalism. Into the spring of 1997…

Within the springtime of 1997, Shaun had just split up by having a boyfriend, along with his roomie had moved down. Residing alone for the very first time and relieved for the fear that some one might walk within the home, he had been finally in a position to indulge their fantasy. The man that is young on their sofa and began blowing up balloons.

Shaun had liked using balloons since he had been a young child. He felt his first orgasm rubbing against a balloon when he hit puberty. It absolutely was then that their relationship aided by the item took in a brand new meaning. “ we had invested my lifetime attempting to conceal it from 1 individual or any other, be it moms and dads, fans, roommates or buddies, ” Shaun says.

Nevertheless now he discovered himself within the privacy and closeness of their little, two-bedroom San Jose apartment. “So right here I became, such as for instance a diabetic kid provided free permit to ransack the candy shop. We emerged myself completely. ” The family room and room that is spare stuffed wall-to-wall, flooring to roof, aside from a course to your television. The balloons had been mostly 12 to 16 ins in diameter, plus a couple of 3 times that size. Shaun, whom appears 6-foot-2, filled their room into the top of their chest. He dropped asleep hidden in multi-colored inflatables. “The feeling ended up being simply a sense that is irrational of. Continue reading