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Foreign Wives And Kids Of ISIS Take Place In Syria With Uncertain Future

Picture by Delil Souleiman AFP/Getty Images

Individuals walk through Ain Issa, one of many camps that holds displaced Syrians along with foreign spouses of ISIS fighters and their children. Huge number of international ladies and kids languish in shelters in northeastern Syria, unwelcome by their property governments along with no future that is clear.

Um Mohammed claims she was at search of the happier life whenever she made a decision to bring her household from the Netherlands to reside under ISIS.

“I was thinking the ISIS ‘caliphate’ will be perfect, just like a utopia,” claims Um Mohammed, whom defines having sensed discriminated against as being a Muslim within the Netherlands and states the militant team’s online propaganda received her in. “I do not think life into the caliphate ended up being what a lot of people anticipated. Continue reading