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Could it be Normal to Bleed After Intercourse?

Realizing you are bleeding after intercourse may be frightening. Here are eight reasons it may take place, plus how to handle it about this.

Picture: Getty Images/JulyProkopiv

If you have ever noticed spotting—or outright bleeding—after sex, you understand it can be terrifying. If your wanting to freak out, here is what’s promising: there are several prospective reasons that bleeding after intercourse sometimes happens, and several of them have effortless repairs.

Nevertheless, it is vital to arrive at the base of what exactly is causing this symptom that is common because it can suggest a number of health problems. Right Here, eight reasons you will be recognizing after getting hired on.

You’ve got this typical condition.

If you are experiencing post-sex that is bleeding usually, it really is coming from the cervix, ” explains Amber Carriveau, DNP, FNP-BC a nurse practitioner and program manager associated with the College of Nursing at Michigan State University. If you want a refresher, your cervix could be the reduced, slim end of this uterus, which starts to the vagina. But there is a common condition that could make this much more likely.

“Cervical ectropion, found mostly adolescents and females underneath the chronilogical age of 30, is a condition in which the liner of this top cervix is located in the vaginal part of this cervix. ” There is no solitary reason for cervical ectropion, however it could possibly be the results of hormonal alterations, hormone contraception usage, and maternity. Continue reading