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‘Sex Slaves’ Or ‘sex Workers’? Cross-cultural and relative Religious views on sex, Subjectivity, and Moral Identity in Anti-sex Trafficking Discourse

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The international trafficking in ladies and kids (chiefly girls) for prostitution and intercourse work is a multi-billion buck industry in present years, specially in elements of Southern and Southeast Asia. Despite their typical goal to eradicate or reduce the intercourse trafficking industry and help the victims, the many entities involved with anti-sex trafficking efforts have sharply disagreed about a number of problems, including a fundamental concept of intercourse trafficking additionally the appropriate approaches for fighting it. In this chaturbate specific article, I examine one main section of disagreement, which revolves round the dilemma of the morality of prostitution as well as other types of commercial intercourse work. This problem brings with it divergent, also antithetical, views regarding ladies’ sex functions, self-identity and ethical agency in regards to intercourse work. Continue reading