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i obtained one thing within the mail concerning the Takata bankruptcy and/or the

There are many mailings which have been provided for customers within the Takata bankruptcy instance additionally the course action lawsuits. These notices are maybe maybe maybe not area of the recall efforts and NHTSA won’t have any control over the notices. But, you probably own, or previously owned, a vehicle that has been or is scheduled to be recalled because of the defective air bag inflator if you received one of these mailings.

These legal notices usually do not affect your capability to acquire a free recall fix. You don’t need to take any more action to acquire a recall fix except that calling your dealer to create up a fix appointment once components can be obtained. Your car or truck manufacturer is needed to give you a letter helping you discover whenever components can be found.

Take note that even though the bankruptcy notice informs consumers to get hold of a dealer for the free fix, fix components aren’t available for several automobiles. Continue reading