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I’m solitary. So how exactly does the love language concept connect with me personally?

Throughout the years, numerous single adults have thought to me, “I know you composed your book that is original for partners. Nonetheless, we read it also it aided me personally in every of my relationships. Why don’t you compose guide regarding the five love languages for singles?” And therefore I did. It’s entitled The 5 Prefer Languages Singles Edition. Within the guide, I look for to simply help single grownups use the love language concept in every their relationships. We start by assisting them understand just why they felt love or failed to feel love growing up as a young child.

One child whom is incarcerated stated, “Thanks for sharing the five love languages. For the very first time in my entire life I finally realize that my mother really loves me. We recognize that my love language is real Touch but my mom never ever hugged me personally. Continue reading