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Some Saints additionally saw plural wedding as a redemptive procedure of sacrifice and religious refinement

Trial and Religious Witness

Years later on in Utah, individuals in Nauvoo plural marriage talked about their motives for stepping into the training. Jesus declared when you look at the Book of Mormon that monogamy had been the typical; from time to time, but, He commanded plural marriage therefore His people could “raise up seed unto Him.” 44 Plural wedding did end in an elevated quantity of kids created to thinking moms and dads. 45

Based on Helen Mar Kimball, Joseph Smith claimed that “the training with this principle is the trial that is hardest the Saints would ever need to test their faith.” That it had already been “one of this best blessings. though it had been one of many “severest” studies of her life, she testified” 46 Her father, Heber C. Kimball, consented. “I never ever felt more sorrowful,” he said regarding the minute he discovered of plural wedding in 1841. “I wept times. … I’d a wife that is good. I happened to be pleased.” 47

The choice to accept this kind of wrenching test usually came just after earnest prayer and extreme soul-searching. Brigham Young stated that, upon learning of plural wedding, “it was the very first time in my entire life that I’d desired the grave.” 48 “I had to pray unceasingly,” he said, “and I’d to work out faith while the Lord unveiled in my experience the reality from it and that satisfied me.” 49 Heber C. Kimball found convenience just after their spouse Vilate possessed a visionary experience attesting to your rightness of plural marriage. “She told me,” Vilate’s daughter later recalled, “she never ever saw therefore pleased a guy as dad ended up being whenever she described the eyesight and told him she ended up being pleased and knew it had been from God.” 50

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