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Why we purchase Girl Scout snacks through the girls (rather than their moms and dads)

This present year, I’m something that is doing will soon be unpopular with several of my parent friends: I’m likely to say no to a whole lot of woman Scout snacks. It is not as a result of an eating plan or perhaps the now crazy $5/14 cookies cost. Trust in me, we will end this cookie season by having a stock heap of Thin Mints.

I won’t be buying them through the parents for the reason that it robs these girls of one of probably the most effective classes they have had the opportunity to discover up to this time inside their quick everyday lives.

This rite of passage? Their very first style of rejection.

The Sacrificial Cookie

This will be me personally at age four, maybe maybe maybe not a long time before we started Girl Scouts. Glance at me- I’m adorable. Would you say no for this face? Or that locks? I’m fairly sure up to this time in my own life, we hadn’t faced a whole large amount of rejection. However Woman Scouting occurred.

I spent my youth in greatly Catholic Milwaukee, Wisconsin and cookie purchase period dropped smack dab during lent- you understand, that sacrificial time after Fat and before Easter where people give something important in an act of penance tuesday. Continue reading