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Just How Many Times Females Think About Food, Intercourse, & Sleep On A Daily Basis, Reviewed To Men

It’s no groundbreaking breakthrough that ladies think of sex significantly less than guys do; but one study points to simply how frequently females think of sex — along side sleep and food — compared to males. While our minds clearly work differently, make no blunder about: females’s ideas still turned R-rated from time to time.

The 2011 research (not to current but interesting nonetheless) included students that are 283 the many years of 18 and 25 and had been carried out by psychologists at Ohio University. The psychologists asked them to record each time they seriously considered intercourse, meals, and rest each for one week day. Although this does keep some available space for mistake — since people might forget to record an idea or could even intentionally omit it — the outcome were interesting irrespective and present some insight into exactly exactly exactly how differently (or simply similarly?) our brains work. Continue reading