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There have been some challenges because of the Frequency vs. Satisfaction study.

The test from where the info was drawn included mainly white lesbians (77%), leading to a pool that is racially homogenous of participants. Another nervous about the test had been the disproportionate representation that is geographic. The majority of the sample (61%) is from the researcher’s home state, Indiana although eighty-four percent of the U.S. cities are represented in the Frequency vs. Satisfaction Survey with at least one respondent from each state. The instability in geographical representation may overemphasize the attitudes, values, and emotions of lesbians within the Midwest, that will be commonly considered to be more conservative. This geographic bias may skew the study outcomes.

Another concern in regards to the sampling procedure results through the method that is outreach. Due to the fact research had been carried out with a psychotherapist whom focuses primarily on the care of lesbian individuals and partners, the study outreach could have included a disproportionate wide range of lesbians that are in treatment. Continue reading