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We INFORM YOU ABOUT Celebrities Who Never Ever Hitched

If there’s one band of individuals who have raised the collective eyebrow of culture more than virtually any, it is those iconoclasts that have selected to buck social conventions and never ever marry — not even as soon as. In this particular aspect, exclusively for Singular mag, we take a good look at the few, the proud, the never-married, and exactly how they illustrate throughout history, a life without wedding may bring single satisfaction.

Diane Keaton

Actor, director, producer, journalist, professional professional professional photographer, singer, property designer, mother and muse: What hasn’t Diane Keaton done? Keaton switched 70 in January, plus in those years, she’s got made a lot more than 50 films, winning an Oscar on her role that is iconic of Hall in 1977 and inhabiting a breathtaking course of roles that range between comedic into the dramatic. Continue reading