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Dear Therapist: We Divorced My Dying Wife As Soon As She Was No Further

After 5 years to be her caregiver, i possibly couldn’t keep the psychological or costs that are financial any further.

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Dear Therapist,

I happened to be hitched to my partner for three decades. In 2012 she had been identified as having Huntington’s illness. It’s a hereditary deadly brain condition without any remedy or remedies. It gradually took her away mentally and actually. She ended up being 47 during the time.

For 5 years I happened to be her caregiver that is sole her, dressing her, feeding her, etc. In 2017, i possibly could carry on no more and had to put her in a care facility that is long-term. I happened to be burnt out. Right after, I filed for breakup as the price of her care had been bankrupting me personally. If she had been single her care had been covered. Continue reading