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Activities to do after good intercourse

The cuddling up can wait. Here is what you should do!

Wipe your private area with a moderate, fragrance-free detergent, after sex in order to prevent the possibility of microbial infection.

Where do you turn after intercourse?

Do you really cuddle as much as one another for a little?

Can you turn around and get to sleep immediately?

Or can you perhaps go to the restroom?

We focus a complete lot om what we do through the deed, however on activities to do after intercourse.

Exactly what you are doing after intercourse is really important and now we’re not only speaing frankly about cuddling right right here.

Your post-coitus behaviour might have a huge effect on your quality of life.

Just how should you are going about investing very first minutes that are few sex? Well, we’ve the responses.

In order to make certain that your reproductive wellness is 10/10, you can easily follow these essential actions.

Urinate as soon as you’re done

Urinating post intercourse can avoid females from developing tract that is urinary (UTI). Continue reading